Firms Lobbying the House Of Representatives

House Of Representatives Lobbyists

We track every lobbyist, firm and client that lobbies the House Of Representatives. Our reports provide detailed information on every lobbyist's history, including all their clients and billing rates. See agencies they've lobbied, what bills they discussed and summaries of their positions. Our database is updated hourly with new lobbying data, so you can see what the competition is working on right now.

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Alphabetical Listing of Firms Lobbying the House Of Representatives
121 Strategies & Government Relations
21St Century Lobbying
3 Click Solutions
56 Cmd (Formerly Known As Benjamin Shrodinger )


A K Assoc
Ab Management Associates
Abell & Pryor
Abell Henry & Associates
Abernathy Consultants Cathy
Ac Sinagra & Associates
Acg Intercontinental
Adam Emanuel
Adam Greenslade
Adams & Reese
Adams & Zottarelli
Adc Strategies
Adcock Michael W
Adkins Strategies
Ads Ventures
Aduston Consulting
Advanced Capitol Consulting
Advanced Practical Solutions
Advanced Strategies
Advantage Associates International
Advocacy & Communication Solutions
Advocacy Associates
Advocatesinc Dc
Aesop Enterprises
Ag Kaffes & Associates
Agworks Solutions
Aho David
Aitken Berlin & Vrooman
Akerman Senterfitt
Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld
Akr Government & Political Services
Al Ross Associates
Alan Mauk Associates (Port Of Corpus Christi Authority)
Albers & Co
Albertine Enterprises
Albright Sally L
Alcalde & Fay
Alchemy Government Solutions
Alexander J Beckles
Alexander Strategy
Alford & Associates
Alfred W Cortese Jr
Alicia Dugan Sykes
Allbaugh M Diane
Allegiance Strategies
Allen D Freemyer Esq Pc
Alliance For American Advertising
Alliance Management
Alliance One
Allison & Partners
Allynn Howe
Alpha Strategies
Alston & Bird
Altheimer & Gray
Alvarado & Bennett
Alvin Jackson
Am & S Trade Services
Amc Agency
American Apparel & Footwear
American Association Of Nurse Anesthetists
American Business Development
American Capitol
American Continental
American Defense International
American Federal Lobbying Firm
American Insurance
American Pressworks
American Society Of Civil Engineers
American Systems Intl
American Technology Specialists
Amitay Consulting
Amsterdam & Partners
Anchor Consulting
Andahazy & Assoc William J
Anderson & Baker
Andrea Avery
Andreae & Assoc
Andreae Vick & Assoc
Andrew Cochran
Andrew Futey
Andrew Robart
Andrews & Bowe Pllp
Andrews & Kurth
Andrews Assoc
Andrews Kurth
Andy Wiessner
Anible & Edwards
Anja Graves
Anndyl Policy
Anthony Beryl F Jr
Aon Consulting
Ap Morton & Company
Apco Worldwide
Applied Measurement S Nbrc
Appraisal Institute
Aqualaw Plc
Arent Fox
Armstrong Teasdale
Arnall Golden Gregory
Arnold & Porter
Arnold Public Affairs (Formerly Known As Jim Arnold & Associates)
Arny & Assoc Wayne
Arshinkoff & Associates
Art Lifson Consulting
Artemis Strategies
Arter & Hadden
Arthur A Chapa
Arthur Andersen
Arthur E Cameron
Arthur White
Asher Robert B
Ashley O Thrift Pllc
Asset & Equity
Assn Managers
Astra Solutions
Atkins Ross B
Atoka International
Ats Communications
Atticus Ventures
Auburn Health Strategies
Aura Kenny Dunn Government Relations
Austin Copelin & Reyes
Aux Initiatives
Avancer Health Policy
Avatar Enterprises
Avenue Solutions
Axela Government Relations
Ayres Law


B & C Consortia Management
Baach Robinson & Lewis Pllc
Babbitt Bruce
Bacino & Assoc
Back Creek International
Bailey & Ehrenberg Pllc
Bainwol Mitch
Baise & Miller Pc
Baker & Hostetler
Baker & Mckenzie
Baker Botts
Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz
Baker Healthcare Consulting
Balch & Bingham
Baldwin Consulting Incorporated
Ball Janik
Baltazar Serna Jr
Balzano Associates
Bannerman & Assoc
Barbara Kennelly Associates
Barbara Levine
Barbara Rohde
Barbara T Mccall Associates
Barbara Zylinski
Barbour Griffith & Rogers D B A Bgr Holding
Bardill Consulting
Barlow Consulting
Barnes & Thornburg
Barnes Bray B
Barnes Kaufman
Barnes Richardson & Colburn
Barnett Sivon & Natter Pc
Barry Sackin
Barry Strumpf
Bartley O Hara
Barton Co
Barton Richard A
Bates & Byrne
Bates Capitol
Batoff Associates William
Bay Bridge Strategies Inc
Bc & A International
Be Consulting
Beacon Consulting
Beal Johnson
Beau Boulter
Becchi Consulting
Bechtel & Associates
Becker & Poliakoff Pa
Behan Communications
Behar & Kalman
Bell Heroux
Bell Pottinger Usa
Belleaire Consulting
Ben Barnes Lp
Benedict Jeff
Bennett Turner & Coleman
Bergner Bockorny Castagnetti Hawkins & Brain
Bergson & Company
Berliner Candon & Jimison A
Berliner Law Pllc
Berman & Company
Berman Enterprises
Bernard Intl
Bernie Robinson
Bernstein Strategy
Bespoke Consulting
Best Best & Krieger
Beth Labasky
Bethune & Assoc Ed
Bevels Consulting Terry
Beveridge & Diamond Pc
Bgl Associates Thomas Gillespie
Bickerstaff Heath Smiley Pollan Kever & Mcdaniel
Bilbray Brian P
Bill Carney & Company
Bill Lynch Associates
Bilzin Sumberg Dunn Price & Axlerod
Bingham Consulting
Bingham Mccutchen
Bingham Mchale
Biotech Policy
Birch Horton Bittner & Cherot
Bksh & Associates
Black Swan Jochum Shore & Trossevin Pc
Blaine Barbara S
Blake G Hall
Blank Rome
Blank Rome Government Relations
Blosser & Sayfie
Blue Source
Bluemont Partners
Bluestone Strategies
Bluewater Strategies
Blumenfeld & Cohen
Bng America
Boardman Associates
Bob Davis & Associates
Bob Lawrence & Associates
Bob Moss Associates
Boesch & Co
Bolton St Johns
Bond & Associates
Bond & Company
Bonner & Assoc
Bonnie H Weinstein
Book Hill Partners
Booth Marilynn
Borski Associates
Bose Public Affairs
Bowler Marion Kenneth
Boyagian Consulting
Boyden Gray & Associates Pllc
Boylan Brown Code Fowler Vigdor & Wilson
Bracewell & Giuliani
Bracy Tucker Brown & Valanzano
Bracy Tucker Brown & Valanzano Dba Brown & Associates
Bradley Arant Boult Cummings
Brand Law
Brand Lowell & Ryan
Brandon & Assoc Robert M
Brandon Associates
Braxton C Counts Iii Pc
Breaux John Jr
Breaux Lott Leadership
Bredhoff & Kaiser Pllc
Brenda Viehe Naess
Brent S Franzel
Bresnick William O
Bret Healy D B A Riverbluff Strategies
Brewer Consulting
Brian Duggan
Brian Kelly
Brian Mcmanus
Brickfield Burchette Ritts & Stone Pc
Bridge Government Relations
Brierre William V Jr
Brody Public Affairs
Bromelkamp Government Relations
Broocks Baker & Lange
Brooke Law Firm
Brookfield Atlantic
Brooks & Wilburn Co
Brooks Pierce Mclendon Humphrey & Leonard
Brown & Associates
Brown & Company
Brown Rudnick
Brown Winick Graves Gross Baskerville & Schoenebaum Plc
Browning Kaleczyc Berry & Hoven Pc
Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck
Broydrick & Associates
Bruce Fennie & Associates
Bruce Lehman
Bruce Macdonald
Brunini Grantham Grower & Hewes Pllc
Bryan Cave
Bryan Cave Strategies
Bryant Christie
Bryant John W
Bsa Impact
Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney Pc
Bueno Strategies
Burdeshaw Assoc
Burgess Law Offices Of Cathy L
Burleigh Leonard & Company (Formerly Burleigh Leonard )
Burnett Laird D
Burns & Assoc Brenda
Burrell Project Consult
Burton Advisors
Business Strategies & Insight (Bsi)
Butera & Andrews
Butler Bruce Alan
Butler Snow Omara Stevens & Cannada Pllc
Butterfield Carter & Associates
Butterfield Evans & Associates
Butzel Long Tighe Patton Pllc


C & M Capitolink
C Baker Consulting Incorporated
Cadwalader Wickersham & Taft
Cagnoli W Allan
Cambridge Intl
Cambridge Strategic Partners
Cameron Bruce P
Camille Bonta
Campbell & Assoc Thomas D
Canfield & Associates
Cannon Consultants
Cansler Consulting Formerly Known As Meridian Growth Strategies
Cansler Venosdel & Assoc
Canyon Snow Consulting
Cap Analysis
Capacity 360
Capcity Advocates
Capedc Advisors
Capital Advocates
Capital City Partners
Capital Concepts
Capital Consultants
Capital Link
Capital Partnerships
Capital Strategies
Capital Technology
Capitaledge Advocacy
Capitaledge Strategies
Capitol Advantage
Capitol Alliance Consulting
Capitol Associates
Capitol Bridge Consulting
Capitol Capital
Capitol Centric
Capitol City
Capitol Coalitions
Capitol Connections
Capitol Consultants
Capitol Consulting
Capitol Consulting Illinois
Capitol Counsel
Capitol Decisions
Capitol Federal Strategies
Capitol Health
Capitol Hill
Capitol Hill Advocates
Capitol Hill Consulting
Capitol Hill Partners
Capitol Hill Strategic Advocates
Capitol Hill Strategies
Capitol Ideas
Capitol Impact
Capitol Initiatives
Capitol Legislative Strategies
Capitol Link
Capitol Management Initiatives
Capitol Partners
Capitol Partnership
Capitol Representatives
Capitol Resource
Capitol Resources
Capitol Solutions
Capitol Strategies
Capitol Strategy Consultants
Capitol Tax Partners
Capitol Technology Affairs
Capitol Ventures Government Relations
Capitol Youth Strategies
Capitoline Consulting
Caplin & Drysdale Chartered
Capstone National Partners
Card & Associates
Cardenas Partners
Cardinal Point Partners
Cardinal Strategies
Carey Michael J
Cargas James P
Carl Schmid
Carliner Strategies
Carlstrom Robert E Jr
Carlton Law Firm
Carlyle Consulting
Carman Communications
Carmen & Muss Pllc
Carmen Gerald P
Carmen Incorporated
Carmody Carol J
Carolyn Brickey
Carolyn C Chaney & Associates
Carolyn Wasem (Formerly Marc Kelley)
Carpi & Clay
Carpi Clay & Smith
Carr Bob
Carroll James M
Carroll Peter A
Carter Consulting
Cartwright & Riley
Cascade Associates
Cash Smith & Wages
Cashdollar Jones & Co
Caspian Business
Casselman William E Ii
Cassidy & Associates Inc (Formerly Known As Cassidy & Associates)
Catalyst Partners
Catherine Mccullough
Catherine O Malley
Cauthen & Associates
Cauthen Forbes & Williams
Cavarocchi Ruscio Dennis Associates
Cc Nexus
Ceis Bayne East
Center Hill
Century Communications
Cero Strategies
Cg Technologies
Chad Bradley & Associates
Chadbourne & Parke
Chafe Bonnie L
Chambers Conlon & Hartwell
Chapman Capitol Consulting
Charles Cromwell
Charles Dougherty
Charles Estes
Charles R Vaughn
Charles Simon
Charles W Scholz
Charlie Mcbride Associates
Charters & Co
Chartwell Education
Chayet Communications
Chernikoff & Company
Cherrin Law
Chesapeake Enterprises
Childworks Pllc
Chlopak Leonard Schechter & Associates
Christian & Barton
Christina Lucas
Chuck Elkins & Associates
Chwat & Company
Cindy Fithian & Associates
Civic Service
Cj Lake
Clarion Management Resources
Clark & Lytle
Clark & Weinstock
Clark Hill Plc
Clark Lytle Geduldig & Cranford
Clark Steve
Claudia Schlosberg
Clay Michelle C
Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton
Clement & Associates
Cliff Madison Government Relations
Clifford Chance Us
Clint Hackney & Company
Clmm & Associates
Clyburn Consulting
Cm Government Relations
Cma Strategies
Coalitions For America
Coan & Lyons
Cody Stewart
Coffee & Associates
Coffey Alan
Coffieldlaw Pc
Cohen Placitella & Roth
Colex & Associates
Collado Associates
Colle & Mcvoy Public Affairs
Colleen Levine
Colleen Quinn
Collier Shannon Scott Pllc
Colling & Associates Inc T A Colling Swift & Hynes
Colling Murphy Swift Hynes Selfridge
Collins Consulting
Columbus Public Affairs
Combest Sell & Associates
Comeau Maldegen Templeman & Indall
Command Strategies
Commenator & Associates
Commonwealth Consulting
Communications Consultants
Compass Consulting
Compass Point Advisors
Compass Strategies
Comstock Consulting
Concordia Power
Confrere Strategies
Congressional Consultants
Congressional Solutions Inc (Csi)
Congressional Strategies
Conkling Fiskum & Mccormick
Conlon Frantz Phelan & Pires
Conlon Public Strategies
Connerton & Ray
Conrad Law & Policy Counsel
Consensus Communications
Conservation Pathways
Constantine Cannon
Constantinople & Vallone Consulting
Consultants Collaborative Matthew R Simmons
Continental Consulting
Contineo Consulting
Convergence Services
Cook Richard Kelsey
Cooper & Kirk Pllc
Copeland & Assoc Dan
Corallo Comstock
Corley Consulting
Corman James C
Cornerstone Government Affairs
Correia & Associates Pc
Cortellino & Assoc C Anthony
Coudert Brothers
Counselors For Management
Courson Nickel
Cove Strategies
Covington & Burling
Cozen O Connor Public Startegies
Cozen O Connor Public Strategies
Craig Associates
Craig Shirley & Associates Dba Shirley & Banister Public Affairs
Cramer Law
Cranmer Consultants
Creative Government Solutions
Crossroads Strategies
Crow Rebecca Bennett
Crowell & Moring
Crowell & Moring International
Crowell Strategies
Csa Strategies
Ctc Harvest Solutions
Cumberland North America
Cuneo Gilbert & Laduca
Curson Koopersmith Partners
Curtin Consulting
Curtis L Seidlits
Cushing Law Firm
Cyber Security Research Consultants
Cynthia Guerrero
Cypress Advocacy
Czepluch Ralf W K


D & P Creative Strategies
D Randall Benn
Da Vinci
Dale Lestina
Daley Policy
Dalrymple & Associates
Damato Charles Richard
Damours Norman
Dan Perrin
Dan Tate
Danea Kehoe
Daniel A Mica
Daniel Delich
Daniel J French & Associates
Daniel Puzon
Daniel Smith
Dannemeyer Bill
Darby Enterprises
Darlene Richeson & Associates
Darrell Coover
Daryl Owen Associates
David Bieging
David Conover & Associates
David Distefano
David Dumke
David E Schaffer Associates
David F Godfrey
David Gardiner & Associates
David Kensinger & Associates (Dba Kensinger & Hickam Public Affairs)
David Kilian Consulting Services
David L Horne
David Leach
David Logsdon
David M Farmer
David M Weiman
David Peyton
David Turch & Assoc
Davidoff Hutcher & Citron
Davidson & Company
Davidson Jo Ann
Davis & Assoc Rv
Davis & Harman
Davis Hall Arcos
Davis Intl Susan
Davis Manafort
Davis O Connell
Davis Polk & Wardwell
Davis Wright Tremaine
Davison Cohen & Co
Dawson & Associates
Dawson West Dba Packard Government Affairs
Dc Associates
Dc Catholic Conference
Dc Legislative & Regulatory Services
Dc Strategies
Ddb Issues & Advocacy
De Marino Assoc
Dean Blakey
Dean Blakey & Moskowitz
Dean D Amore
Dean International
Dean Martilli
Debbie Weatherly
Debevoise & Plimpton
Deborah Hohlt
Deborah Winston
Debra Struhsacker
Debrunner & Associates
Decker Garman Sullivan & Associates
Defense Health Advisors
Defense Strategic Advantage
Dekieffer & Horgan
Delany Advisory
Dellums & Associates
Deloitte & Touche (Canada)
Deloitte Tax
Delta Development
Delta Strategy (Formerly Parsons Strategies)
Dennis & Co
Dennis Eckart
Dennis Foreman
Dennis M Hertel & Associates
Denny Miller Associates
Development Initiatives
Dewey & Leboeuf
Dewey Ballantine
Dewey Square
Dewitt Ross & Stevens Sc
Dewitt T Hardin Iii
Diane Newberg
Diane O Toole
Dick Batchelor Management
Dickstein Shapiro
Diefenderfer William M Iii
Dierman Wortley & Zola
Digenova & Toensing
Dillingham & Murphy
Dillon Corporate Services
Dinovo Strategies
District Strategies
Dkw Law (Formerly Doepken Keevican & Weiss)
Dla Piper (Us)
Dmc Consultors
Dole Enterprises Bob
Don B Miller Pc
Donald Kaniewski
Donald Massey
Donald Wilson
Donaldson Lufkin & Jenrette Securities
Donna Mclean Associates
Donoghue Barrett & Singal Pc
Doremus & Associates
Dorfman & Oneal
Dorsey & Whitney
Douglas Davenport
Douglas John A
Douglas Moore
Dow Lohnes Government Strategies
Dow Lohnes Pllc
Downey Mcgrath Inc
Downs Rachlin Martin Plc
Doyce Boesch
Dpr Consulting
Dpv Solutions
Dqb International
Drd Associates Debbie Reed
Drinker Biddle & Reath
Drummer & Associates
Dsd Capitol
Dtb Associates
Duane Morris
Duane Morris Government Affairs
Ducheneaux Taylor & Associates
Dugan Sykes Consulting Services
Dughi & Hewitt Pc
Dumbarton & Associates
Duncan Weinberg Genzer & Pembroke Pc
Dunkel Government Relations
Dunlap & Browder
Dunn Jennifer
Dutko Worldwide
Dwight Boykins
Dwight Consulting Mary Booth
Dyer Ellis & Joseph
Dykema Gossett Pllc
Dykstra Consulting


E Copernicus
E Cubed Co
E3 Ventures
Earl Eisenhart
Eas Consulting
East End
Easton James Clinton
Eastpoint Strategies
Ebersole Joseph L
Eckert Seamans Cherin & Mellott
Economic Development Concepts
Economic Development Strategies
Ed Allison
Ed Slevin
Edelman (Chicago)
Edens Advisory
Edge Solutions
Edington Peel & Associates
Edmund Graber
Education Legislative Services
Education Priorities
Edward D Heffernan Esq
Edward Eckart
Edward Merlis
Edward Rissing
Edwards Associates
Edwards Wildman Palmer
Edwin Ing
Ee & Co
Egan Fitzpatrick Malsch & Lawrence Pllc
Egle Associates
Ehrlich & Assoc
Eisgrau Business Alliances Pllc
Elaine Acevedo
Electronic Consultants
Elizabeth Lavach
Elizabeth T Walker
Ellen Marshall
Ellen Stroud
Ellis & Company
Elmendorf Ryan
Elmwood Strategies
Ely & Company
Emergency Recovery Assistance (Era)
Emi Assoc
Emmer Consulting Pc
Emord & Associates Pc
Empire Consulting
Empire Strategic Planning
Endgame Strategies
Energy & Environment Twenty One
Energy & Environmental Analysis
Ens Resources
Enterprise Business Law
Environmental Resources Management
Eppard Assoc Ann
Epstein Becker & Green Pc
Equale & Associates
Eric Lachica
Eric Prag
Eric Shulman
Eris (Formerly Known As Bartlett & Bendall)
Ernst & Young (Washington Council Ernst & Young)
Ervin | Hill Strategy (Formerly Ervin Technical Associates Inc)
Etherton & Associates
Etka Consulting
Eugene Patrone
Evans Assoc Dave
Evans Capitol
Evergreen Associates
Eversole Associates
Ewyatt Consulting
Ezs Solutions


F P Research Assoc
F S Capitol Consulting
Fabiani & Company
Faegre Baker Daniels (Formerly Faegre & Benson)
Faegrebd Consulting
Fairfax Management Solutions
Falle Strategies
Farragut Intl
Farris Mathews Gilman Branan Bobango & Hellen
Federal Access
Federal Advocates
Federal Assoc
Federal Budget
Federal Business
Federal Hill
Federal Initiatives
Federal Legislative Assoc
Federal Management Strategies
Federal Policy (Clark & Wamberg )
Federal Resources
Federal Solutions
Federal Strategies
Federal Strategies For Nonprofits
Federal Strategy
Federal Strategy Consulting
Feinberg Shopp Associates
Feith & Zell Pc
Fennel Consulting
Fenner Gray & Assoc
Fenton Communications
Fenton Frank
Ferguson Strategies
Fern Lapidus
Ferraro Geraldine A
Fetzer Stephens
Fidelis Government Relations
Fierce Isakowitz & Blalock
Filler Marshall S
Financial Dynamics
Finishing Contractors Association (Fca)
First Nations Strategies
First Source Consultants
First Street Solutions
Fishbein Associates
Fisher Consulting
Fisher Wayland Cooper Leader & Zaragoza
Fiske Pat
Fitzgerald Consulting
Fitzgerald John M
Flack Associates
Flagship Government Relations
Flanagan & Co Jim
Flanagan Consulting
Flanders & Assoc
Fleischman & Harding
Fleishman Hillard Inc
Fleming Roger
Fletcher Heald & Hildreth Plc
Flint Alex
Florida Sugar Cane League
Flynn & Associates
Foley & Lardner
Foley Government & Public Affairs
Foley Hoag
Foley Maldonado & O Toole
Fontheim International
Fontheim Partners Pc
Food Nutrition & Policy Consultants
Forscey & Stinson
Fort Hill Advisors
Foster & Assoc Bob
Fowler Communications
Fox Bennett & Turner
Fox Potomac Resources
Fox Shuffler
Foxley & Pignanelli
Fragomen Del Rey Bernsen & Loewy
Francis Edward & Cronin
Franco Government Relations
Frank Bowman
Franklin Creek Consulting
Franklin Public Affairs
Franklin Square
Frazee Associates
Freedom Technologies
French & Company
Freshman Kast
Fried Frank Harris Shriver & Jacobson
Friedlob Sanderson Paulson & Tourtillott
Frisby Owen
Frontline Public Strategies
Fulbright & Jaworski
Fulton Pattison
Fumich Assoc George
Funderburk Consulting


G S Proctor & Associates
G Thomas Cator
G2g Consulting
G3 & Associates
Galileo Consulting
Gallagher Millage & Gallagher
Gallatin Public Affairs
Garcia Robert
Gardere Wynne Sewell
Gardner Carton & Douglas
Garland Sara G
Garry Mauro
Garvey Schubert Barer
Gary Barbour
Gary Bushell
Gary Griswold
Gateway Consulting
Gateway Ventures
Gaydos Gaydos & Assoc
Geduldig & Ferguson
Genn & Murphy
Gentry & Assoc Ragon
Geoffrey P Gray
George H Denison
George J Hochbrueckner & Associates
George L Reagle & Associates
George Waters
Gephardt Government Affairs
Gerard D Amico
Gerchick Murphy Associates
Ghazal & Associates
Gibbons & Company
Gibbons Pc
Gibson Duane
Gibson Dunn & Crutcher
Gilbert S
Gilligan Thomas J
Gilliland Consulting
Gillon & Associates Pllc
Giobbi Herbert V
Gis Associates
Givens Pursley
Gl Merritt & Associates
Glass Jeffrey A
Gleiman Edward J
Glenn Roger Delaney
Glennview Strategies
Global Communicators Formerly Harff Communications Inc D B A Global Communi
Global Dominion
Global Homeland Security Advisors
Global Market Strategies
Global Policy
Global Policy Partners (Formerly Global Policy )
Global Prospects
Global Strategic Partners
Global Technology Management
Global Usa
Gma Intl
Gmd & Associates
Goldberg & Associates Pllc
Goldberg Godles Wiener & Wright
Goldbug Strategies
Golden Wilson
Golledge Strategies & Solutions
Goodwin Procter
Gordley Associates
Gordon Arata Mccollam Duplantis & Eagan
Gordon C James Public Relations
Gordon Parker
Gordon Thomas Honeywell Governmental Affairs
Gorman Consulting
Gottehrer & Company Barry Gottehrer
Gottlieb Strategic Consulting
Govbiz Advantage Inc
Government Affairs Management Assoc
Government Edge
Government Relations
Government Relations Services
Government Resources
Government Solutions
Governmental Strategies
Grace Terpstra
Graham Elaine Z
Granite Edge Consulting
Grant Consulting
Grassroots Political Consulting
Graves & Assoc Edwin C
Gray & Oscar (Formerly Bob Gray )
Gray Global Advisors
Gray Lesli A
Graydon Head & Ritchey
Grayrobinson Pa
Green & Seifter
Green Capitol
Green Hill Advisors
Green Strategies
Greenberg Traurig
Greener & Hook
Greenlee Partners
Gregg Rickman
Grey Government Relations
Griesinger Associates
Griffin & Assoc
Griffin Foster
Griffin Global Outreach
Griffith & Rogers
Grigsby & Associates
Grigsby Government Relations Associates
Griles & Assoc J Steven
Grimes & Young
Grindstone Consulting (Formerly Known As Stephen Donches Ii)
Grinnell Associates
Grisso Consulting
Grisso Michael E
Grizzle Company
Groom Law Chartered
Gross George
Group W Advisors
Grunfeld Desiderio Lebowitz Silverman & Klestadt
Gsp Consulting
Guest & Assoc
Guide Consulting Services
Guidry Associates
Guirard James E Jr
Gustafson Associates
Guttman Robert M


H B Hartley
H M Riley Associates
Ha Cumber & Company
Haake & Associates
Hague Associates
Hale & Dorr
Haley & Associates
Hall & Associates
Hall Estill Hardwick Gable Golden & Nelson Pc
Hall Government Relations
Hall Render Killian Heath & Lyman Pc
Halloran & Sage Government Affairs
Halsey Rains & Associates
Hamilton Advisors
Hamilton Consulting
Hamilton Quigley & Twait Plc
Hammer Associates
Hance Scarborough
Handprintbell Consulting
Hank Monsees
Hansen Government Relations
Hanson Bridgett
Hardiman Consulting
Hardy John D
Hargett Consulting
Harkins Cunningham
Harlow Government Relations
Harmon Wilmot Brown & Bagwell
Harpley Cs
Harris & Assoc Leslie
Harris & Assoc William D
Harris Ellsworth & Levin
Harrison Rivard Duncan & Buzzett Chtd
Harrod Ron
Harry Kopp
Harshman Consulting
Hart Downstream Energy Services
Hart Health Strategies
Harter Secrest & Emery
Hartwell Capitol Consulting
Hastert Joshua
Hatfield Advisory Services
Hawkins Delafield & Wood
Hayes & Co
Hayes Consulting Service (Hcs)
Hbw Resources
Hc Associates
Hcm Strategists
Health & Medicine Counsel Of Washington
Health Policy Alternatives
Health Policy Analysts
Health Policy Source
Health Policy Strategies
Healy Strategies
Heartland Consulting
Heartland Solutions
Heartland Strategies
Heather Podesta + Partners
Hecht Spencer & Associates
Heideman Nudelman & Kalik Pc
Heidepriem & Associates
Heidepriem & Mager
Helen Delich Bentley
Henderson Wallace J
Henry Consulting
Henry Street Consulting
Herbert Allen Mike Ailsworth
Herbolsheimer Law Offices
Herrick Feinstein
Herrin Associates
Hershel Gober & Associates
Hessel Aluise & Neun Pc
Heydinger Ted A
Hiatt Communications
Hicks Partners
Hicks Ray Associates
Hicks Richardson Associates
Highley Vern F
Hilary Sills
Hill & Knowlton Strategies
Hill & Robbins Pc
Hill Partner
Hill Solutions
Hillco Partners
Hillman Assoc
Hills Public Relations John L
Hillscape Associates
Hirschberg Pc
Hispanic Strategy
Hobbs Straus Dean & Walker
Hoboken Strategy
Hoecker Energy Law & Policy Pllc
Hoffman Silver Gilman & Blasco Pc
Hogan Lovells Us
Holch & Erickson
Holden Bosworth Co
Holland & Hart
Holland & Knight
Hollier & Associates
Holmes Weddle & Barcott
Holt Mulroy & Germann Public Affairs
Homer Law
Hood & Assoc Gerald L
Hoover Partners
Hopkins & Sutter
Horner Christopher C
Horton Jr Oliver James
Houlihan International
Houston Harbaugh Legislative Services
Howard Consulting
Howell Consulting
Howells Government Relations
Hps (Formerly Steven Grossman)
Hr Bert Pena Law
Hudson Assoc Rj
Hudson Tg
Huggins James B
Hugh Hanes
Hugh Mcgillicuddy
Hughes & Luce
Hughes Hubbard & Reed
Hunton & Williams
Hurt Norton & Associates
Husch Blackwell
Hyde Park Communications
Hyjek & Fix
Hyman Phelps & Mcnamara


I Samuel Kaminsky
Ian Pfeiffer Government Relations
Ibarra Strategy (Formerly Mickey Ibarra & Associates)
Ice Miller
Ice Miller Strategies
Iep Advisors
Ietan Consulting
Ikon Public Affairs
Impact International
Impact Nj
Impact Strategies Dba Crosspointe Partners
Impact Texas Communications (D B A Impact Us)
Impel Strategies
Infotech Strategies
Innovative Defense Strategies
Innovative Federal Strategies
Insight Consulting Services
Insight Enterprise Consulting
Institute Of Real Estate Management
Integrated Solutions
Inter Assoc
International Advisory Services
International Business Government Counsellors
International Commerce Development
Intervistas Ga2 Consulting
Intl Capital Strategies
Intl Titanium Powder
Irene Howie
Iskowitz Michael E
It Policy Solutions
Ivins Phillips & Barker


J & T Associates
J E Buster Brown
J G Consultants
J Gordon Stephens Jr
J Holley Consulting
J M Burkman & Associates
J Montgomery Associates
J Strom Thurmond Jr
Ja Green & Company (Formerly )
Jack Ferguson Assoc
Jack Latvala
Jack Sterne
Jackie Bell
Jackson Kelly Pllc
Jackson Lewis
Jacobs & Company Public Affairs
Jacobs Engineering
Jacobs Scholz & Associates
Jacobson Buffalo Magnuson Anderson & Hogen Pc
Jacques & Associates
Jaka Consulting
Jake Jacoby
James & Hoffman
James Beirne
James Boland
James C Barker
James Callan Associates
James H Mack
James Hughes
James Lee Witt Associates
James Lyons
James Nicholas Ashmore & Associates
James P Keese
James Pierce Myers
James S Holt & Copany
James Santini
James T Bruce Iii
Jamila Taylor
Jamison & Sullivan
Jane West
Janet Kopenhaver T A Eye On Washingt
Janis Guerney
Janus Merritt Strategies
Jared Page
Jason Hickox
Jason Larrabee Ventures
Jay Grant & Associates
Jay Howell & Associates
Jay Rosenthal
Jb Advocacy
Jbc International
Jbs Communications
Jc Watts Companies
Jc White Consulting
Jcp Associates
Jd Consulting Co
Jdm Public Strategies
Je Martinez & Associates
Jean Berube
Jeanne Marie Murphy & Associates
Jefferson Business Consulting
Jefferson Government Relations
Jeffrey Anders
Jeffrey Farrow
Jeffrey J Kimbell & Associates
Jeffrey Weinstein Pllc
Jeh Government Services
Jellinek Schwartz & Connolly
Jemal Public Affairs
Jenckes & Associates
Jenkens & Gilchrist
Jenkins Hill (Formerly Walter Edwards )
Jenkins Hill Consulting
Jenkins Hill Partners
Jennefer Hirshberg
Jenner & Block
Jennifer Bell + Partners
Jennifer Shepard
Jennings Policy Strategies
Jensen & Walgren Governmental Consulting
Jensen Baird Gardner Henry
Jerome Connolly
Jessica S Lefevre
Jg Ferguson & Associates
Jhs Associates
Jill Warren
Jim Bates
Jim English Consulting
Jim Hansen & Associates
Jim Pasco & Associates
Jim Saxton
Jk Wilson
Jk3 Associates
Jmh Formerly Jamian Mcelroy & Hamlin
Jms Consulting
Joan Myers Bondareff Consulting
Joanne Howes
Joel Kaplan Associates
Joel R Junker & Associates
Joel S Lisker
John A Braun & Associates
John A Devierno
John Bode
John C Corrigan & Associates
John Cozad
John Distin
John Dudinsky & Associates
John Dugan
John Duncan & Associates
John G Campbell
John Gay (Jfg Consulting)
John Goodman
John Graykowski
John Grzebien
John Hancock
John Howes
John J Rhodes Iii
John Kelly Consulting
John Lampmann
John Logan
John M Palatiello & Associates
John Mcinnis
John Mckechnie
John Melcher
John Napier
John Satagaj
John Stinson
John T Doolittle
John T O Rourke
John W Conrad Iii Dba John W Conrad Iii & Company
John Windhausen Jr
John Wyma & Associates
Johnson & Associates
Johnson Company
Johnston & Associates
Johnston Strategies
Jolly Rissler
Jon Christensen
Jonathan Posey
Jonathan Sheiner
Jones Beverly E
Jones Day
Jones Waldo Holbrook & Mcdonough
Jones Walker Waechter Poitevent Carrere & Denegre
Jones Wiley
Jordan Consulting Services
Jorden Burt
Jose Fuentes
Jp Energy Strategies
Jp Grant
Js & R
Jsa 1
Judith Lemons
Juleanna Glover
Julia J Norrell
Julie Beth Wright Halbert
Julie Philp
Julyan & Julyan
Jwi Dba Jefferson Waterman International


K & L Gates
Kadesh & Associates
Kairos Tactical Management
Kalorama Partners
Kambrod Associates
Kane & Co Betty Ann
Kanner & Associates
Kaplan Kirsch & Rockwell
Kar Associates
Karalekas & Noone
Karen Johnson
Kasten & Co
Katharine Armstrong
Katherine Childress
Kathleen Winn & Associates
Kathryn Ruffalo Farnsworth
Kathy Teigland
Katten Muchin Rosenman
Katten Muchin Zavis Rosenman
Katz Kutter Et Al
Kaulius & Assoc
Kaye Scholer
Kc Associates
Kda Kevin Doyle & Associates Wexford Strategies
Kean Government Affairs
Keaney Consulting
Kearney Donovan & Mcgee
Kearsarge Global Advisors
Keevican Weiss Bauerle & Hirsch
Keller & Heckman
Keller Strategic Enterprises
Kelley Drye & Warren
Kellman & Vorv
Kelly & Associates
Kelly & Weaver Pc
Kelly Public Strategies
Kelman Steven J
Kemp (Dba Kemp Partners)
Kemper Company
Ken Cunningham
Kennedy Jerry W
Kenneth Gear
Kent & O Connor Incorporated
Kerkhoven Consulting
Kerrigan & Associates
Kerry Cammack
Kessler & Associates Business Services
Ketchel & Assocaites
Ketchum Public Relations
Kevin Gottlieb & Associates
Kevin Mcguiness Pllc
Keystone Market Strategies
Khare Fowler
Kilpatrick Townsend Stockton
Kimberly Love
Kimberly Parker
King & Spalding
King Mary C (Kay) King Strategies
Kinghorn Hilbert & Associates
Kingsley Steven
Kirkland & Ellis
Kirt Johnson
Kleinfeld Kaplan & Becker
Klett Rooney Lieber & Schorling
Kna Services
Knight Capitol Consultants
Kogovsek & Associates
Kopetski Michael
Kountoupes Consulting
Kozak & Salina
Kpmg Consulting
Krieg Devault
Krivit & Krivit Pc
Krl International
Krooth & Altman
Krueger Associates International
Kruke Inc Dba Strategic Communication
Ksa Consulting
Ksg Dba Klein & Saks
Ksl Consulting
Kurzweil & Assoc
Kutak Rock
Kv Cook Consulting
Kyger Timothy B
Kyle House
Kyle Michel Law Firm
Kyros & Cummins Associates


L E Haefner Enterprises
Labor & Employment Strategies
Lackman & Associates
Lange Thomas & Mcmullen (Formerly Luman Lange Thomas & Mcmullen )
Langton Associates
Lankford & Reed Pllc
Lanny J Davis & Associates
Larch Company
Larocco & Associates
Larry J Silverman
Larry Lutz
Lasa Monroig & Veve
Latham & Watkins
Lathrop & Gage
Lathrop & Gage Dc Pllc
Lathrop & Gage Lc (Mo)
Latta Delbert
Latvala Coley & Co
Laura Lawlor
Laura Murphy & Associates (National Urban League)
Laurence Bory
Law Firm Of Alan J Thiemann
Law Office Of Melvin F Sykes
Law Office Of Trevor Mccabe
Law Offices Of Bernard Wunder
Law Offices Of Frederick H Graefe Pllc
Law Offices Of John E Dean
Law Offices Of Kevin G Curtin
Law Offices Of Philip R Hochberg
Law Offices Of Robert J Brinkmann
Lawler Metzger Milkman & Keeney
Lawrence J Romans & Associates
Lawrence J Smith Pa
Lawrence John D
Lawrence Ryan International
Layton Consulting
Leach Barbara M
Leading Edge Policy & Strategy
Leary Ventures
Leath Assoc Marvin
Leblanc Government Relations
Leclairryan Pc
Ledge Counsel
Lee & Smith Pc
Lee Consulting Kenneth G
Lee Johnson
Legal Policy Solutions
Legg Perkins & Associates
Legi X Company
Legislative Associates
Legislative Initiatives
Legislative Solutions
Legislative Strategies
Leiter & Cramer Pllc
Lent Scrivner & Roth
Leon G Billings
Leonard Frost Levin & Van Court
Leonard Resource
Leonard Street & Deinard Pa
Les Brownlee & Associates
Lett Raymond D
Levick Strategic Communications
Levin Morris J
Levin Powers & Brennan
Levine & Associates Leonard B
Levine & Company
Levinson & Associates
Levinson Daniel R
Lewan Co Michael
Lewis Burke Associates
Lexington Strategy
Lg Strategies
Lgcr Government Solutions
Lhd & Associates
Libeau Berthelot
Liberty Partners
Liberty Square
Liberty Square Dc
Liberty Strategies
Liebman & Associates
Lighthouse Consulting
Linchpin Strategies
Lincoln Capitol Consulting
Linda Ann Lingle
Lindsay Hart Neil & Weigler
Linet Paul E Law Offices Of
Linowes & Bolcher
Lionel Sawyer & Collins
Lisa Andrews
Lisa Colangelo
Lisa Waltzman
Littler Mendelson
Littman Associates
Livingston Moffet Global
Livingston Solomon
Liz Robbins Associates
Ljm Rad
Lmp Strategies
Locke Lord Strategies Lp
Lockhart Strategies International
Lockridge Grindal Nauen Pllp
Long Aldridge & Norman
Long Law Firm
Long Robert Michael
Loper Consulting
Lorenz Hart
Lotstein Buckman
Lott & Associates
Lott & Hopkins
Lott Leadership
Louis C Rotundo & Associates
Louis Tronzo
Low & Childers P C
Lowe & Assoc
Lowe Strategies
Lowry Strategies
Lpi Consulting
Ls Consulting
Lugar Hellmann
Lussier Gregor Vienna & Associates
Luther Consulting
Lutzker & Lutzker
Lw Consulting
Lydia Hofer
Lynam Marshall L
Lynch Associates
Lynda Walker
Lyons & Company
Lyons Pipes & Cook Pc
Lytle Consulting


M J Simon & Company
M+R Strategic Services
Mace Enterprises
Mackay Gordon D
Maddox Strategies
Made In Usa Strategies
Madison Associates
Madison Education Lc
Madison Government Affairs
Madison Services
Mager & Associates
Magner & Assoc James J
Maine Street Solutions
Malkin & Ross
Mallino Government Relations
Maloney Government Relations
Management & Government Resources
Management Options
Manatos & Manatos
Manatt Jones Global Strategies
Manatt Phelps & Phillips
Manchester Trade
Manhard Consulting
Manis Canning & Associates
Manuel Lujan Associates
Manzano Strategies Business Development Unit
Mapa Ventures
Mapetsi Policy
Marc Associates
Marc Kelley
Marcia Bexley
Marcus G Faust Pc
Margaret Cone
Margaret Mathna
Marino Consulting
Mario E Diaz & Associates
Mark Barnes & Associates
Mark Knouse
Mark Kopec
Mark Malone
Mark Raabe
Mark Rey
Mark Saylor Company
Markley & Company
Marla Grossman
Marlenee Ron C
Marlowe & Company
Marron & Associates
Marrs & Co
Marshall Brachman
Martha Braddock
Martin Fisher Thompson & Associates
Martin Hamberger
Martin Morris
Martinez Antonio C Ii
Mary Dewhirst
Mary E Shields Government Relations
Mary Lee Mcguire
Mary Roth
Mary Schneider
Marzec Law Corp Edwin K
Masiello Martucci Calabrese & Associates
Mason Consulting
Mathis & Assoc Dawson
Matthew G Kallner
Matthew R Simmons
Mattoon & Associates
Mattox Woolfolk
Matz Blancato & Assoc
Maxwell & Milder
May Consulting
Mayberry & Associates
Mayer Brown
Maynard Cooper & Gale Pc
Maynes Bradford Shipps & Sheftel
Mca Enterprises
Mcaden Assoc
Mcallister & Quinn
Mcapitol Management
Mcbee Strategic Consulting
Mccann Capitol Advocates
Mccarthy Elizabeth S
Mccarthy Strategic Solutions
Mcclees Consulting
Mcclintock Associates
Mcconnell Robert A
Mcconnell Valdes Pllc
Mcdermott John J
Mcdermott Will & Emery
Mcdonald & Harden
Mcdonald Hopkins
Mcdonald Jack H
Mcelheney Randall A
Mcglotten & Jarvis
Mcgovern & Smith
Mcgrail & Co
Mcguiness & Holch
Mcguiness & Yager
Mcguiness Norris & Williams
Mcguirewoods Consulting
Mcintyre & Lemon Pllc (Formerly Mcintyre Law Firm Pllc)
Mckay Chadwell Pllc
Mckenna & Cuneo
Mckenna Long & Aldridge
Mcleod Watkinson & Miller
Mcmanus Assoc P E
Mcmillan Co
Mcmillan Lehrman & Hill
Mcmurray Strategy
Mcnair Law Firm Pa
Mcnamara & Assoc
Mcnees Wallace & Nurick
Mcree Assoc Diane
Mcslarrow Consulting
Md Ryan Associates
Mead George G
Meaux Washington
Medicaid Policy
Medical Advocacy Services
Megan Gray
Mehl Griffin & Bartek
Mehlman Capital Strategies
Mehlman Vogel Castagnetti
Meier Eileen
Melanie Kenderdine
Melinda Mercer Ray
Mellon Strategic Consulting
Meloy Mary Ann
Mercer Strategic Alliance
Mercury Clark & Weinstock (Formerly Known As Mercury)
Mercury Public Affairs D B A Fhgr
Mercury Strategies
Meredith Advocacy
Meredith Concept
Meredith Mcgehee
Meridian Hill Strategies
Merrell & Merrell Pc
Merryl Burpoe
Messick & Associates
Metcalf Federal Relations
Metzger Keene
Metzger Mandy
Meyer Klipper & Mohr Pllc
Meyer Suozzi English & Klein
Meyers & Associates
Mfj International
Mgn Inc (Formerly Mcclure Gerard & Neuenschwander Inc)
Mh Strategies
Mhc Health Strategies
Michael A Andrews
Michael A Ingrao
Michael Alexander & Associates (Formerly Integrated Solutions Illinois
Michael Barrett
Michael Bauer
Michael Brower
Michael Chase Associates
Michael Hutton
Michael Korens
Michael L Tiner
Michael N Matton & Associates
Michael Punke
Michael R Gardner
Michael Roos
Michael Roush
Michael Sauls
Michael Solon Capitol Legistics
Michael Stratton
Michael Toohey & Associates
Michael Torrey Associates
Michaels & Bonner Pc
Michel Government Relations
Michelle Doyle Educational Consulting
Michelle Levy
Michelle Riskind
Mike Hussey
Mike Sloan
Miles & Stockbridge Pc
Milestone Consulting
Millennium Intermarket
Millennium Strategies
Miller & Chevalier Chtd
Miller & Martin
Miller Canfield Paddock & Stone
Miller Clinton Ray
Miller Grant
Miller Hamilton Snider & Odom
Miller International
Miller Richard D
Miller Wenhold Capitol Strategies
Millman Rosalyn G
Mills Consulting John S
Milo Public Affairs
Milton Bush
Mintz Levin Cohn Ferris Glovsky & Popeo Pc
Missy Branson
Missy Edwards Strategies
Mitch Butler
Mitch Rose Strategic Consulting
Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp
Mj Bradley & Associates
Mj Capitol Consulting
Mj Connors Consulting
Mjwt Consulting
Mkg Consulting
Ml Strategies
Mml & K Government Solutions
Mock & Mcswain Consulting
Mock Government Relations Raymond G
Modrall Sperling Rohel Harris & Sisk
Molinari Susan
Molloy James T
Molly Dye
Monfort Lewis
Monteau & Peebles
Monterey Consulting Associates Incorporated
Monument Policy
Monument Strategies
Moore & Van Allen Pllc
Moore Consulting
Moore Federal Solutions
Moore Law Firm
Moran Government Relations
Morgan & Cunningham
Morgan Lewis & Bockius
Morgan Meguire
Morhard & Associates
Morisset Schlosser Homer Jozwiak & Mcgaw
Morrell Kay Allan
Morris J Amitay Pc
Morris William
Morrison & Foerster
Morrison Public Affairs
Morse Consulting
Moses Boyd
Moss Mcgee Bradley
Moss Mcgee Bradley & Colbert
Moss Mcgee Bradley & Foley
Motley & Co La
Mr Aaron Mullins
Mr Adrian Plesha
Mr Charles R Mcdonald
Mr Christopher Heinz
Mr Christopher Williams
Mr David Gencarelli
Mr Gary Elmestad
Mr Gaylord Hughey
Mr Glen Corso
Mr Harold Taylor
Mr James F Mcconnell
Mr James Musser
Mr John J Sullivan
Mr Jonathan Band
Mr Khalil Saliba
Mr Knute Michael Miller
Mr Mary Vihstadt
Mr Mcclain Haddow
Mr Michael J Bradley
Mr Phillip Fraas
Mr Ray Billups
Mr Raymond Bragg
Mr Richard Goodstein
Mr Richard Hirn
Mr Robert Wilson
Mr Steven Elmendorf
Mr Terri Winston
Mr W Douglas Campbell
Mrs Kimberly Cobb
Ms & L
Ms Aurene Martin
Ms Dawn R Riley
Ms Elizabeth Mullin
Ms Holly J Kinnamon
Ms Janice Dunn
Ms Karen Johnson
Ms Laura Allendorf
Ms Laura Sallstrom
Ms Rebecca Halkias
Ms Virginia Mayer
Msh Consulting
Msp Strategic Communications
Mss Consultants
Mulder Wendy
Muldoon Murphy & Faucette
Multinational Business Services
Multinatl Government Services
Multiple Strategies
Munger Chadwick
Muroff Government Strategies
Murphy Consulting
Murphy Frazer & Selfridge
Murray & Murray
Murray Montgomery & O Donnell
Muse & Assoc
Muskett Susan
Muth Robert J
Mwr Strategies
Myrna Mandlawitz


N Stuart Spencer
Nadine Chatman Consulting Firm
Nahigian Strategies
Nan S Wells
Nance & Associates
Nappi & Hoppe
National Association For Home Care & Hospice
National Environmental Strategies
National Health Advisors
National Health Policy
National Policy
National Strategies
Natl Media
Natter & Associates
Natural Resource Results
Navarro Legislative & Regulatory Affairs
Navigant Consulting
Navigators Global (Formerly Dc Navigators )
Neece Cator & Assoc
Neimand Collaborative (Formerly Batesneimand)
Nelson & Assoc David
Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough
Nelson Paul
Nethercutt Consulting
Network Government Relations
Neuman & Co
Neuman A Mark
Neville Peterson
New Frontiers Communications Consulting
New World Public Affairs (Formerly Nwg Public Affairs )
Nexsen Pruet
Nexxus Consulting
Nicole Nason
Nielsen Merksamer Parrinello Mueller & Naylor
Nixon Peabody
Noble Strategies
Nolan Catherine R
Nordhaus Law Firm
North 17 Consulting
North Bridge Communications
North Shore Consultants
North Star
Northington Strategy
Northpoint Strategies
Nossaman (Formerly Nossaman O Connor & Hannan)
Nowell Amoroso Klein Bierman
Nurnberger & Associates
Nutter & Harris
Nutter Mcclennen & Fish
Nxg Global Law & Compliance Pllc
Nyse Inc (Formerly New York Stock Exchange Inc )


O Brien Dc
O Brien Gentry & Scott (Formerly Known As O Brien & Associates)
O Donnell Schwartz & Anderson Pc
O Donoghue & O Donoghue
O Hara Federal Strategies
O Melveny & Myers
O Neill & Associates
O Neill Athy & Casey Pc
Obadal Filler Macleod & Klein Plc
Ober Kaler Grimes & Shriver
Obermayer Rebmann Maxwell & Hippel
Ocean Champions
Oconnor & Fierce
Ogilvy Government Relations
Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide
Ogletree Government Affairs
Ohanlon G John
Ohlbaum Consulting
Okeefe Ashenden Lyons & Ward
Oldaker & Harris
Oldaker Law
Olsson Frank Weeda Terman Matz Pc
Omb S
Onepoint Public & Private Solutions
Onpoint Strategies
Oppel Goldberg & Saenz Pllc
Oppenheimer Wolff & Donnelly
Orion Advocates
Orion Strategies
Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe
Osborne Consulting
Otero Global Resources
Otto Reich Associates
Owens Tyler D
Oxley Consulting
Ozark Intl Consultants


P3 Consulting
Pac West Communications
Pace Minnesota
Pacific Atlantic Partners
Pacific International Engineering Company
Pacquing Consulting
Padilla Jose D
Palmetto Public Affairs
Pamela Ray
Panuzio & Giordano
Park Strategies
Park Strategies Washington
Parker Malvaney Consulting
Parker Poe Adams & Bernstein
Parry Romani Deconcini & Symms
Parsons Behle & Latimer
Partnership For New York City
Parven Pomper Strategies Inc
Pathfinders Government Relations
Pathway Strategies
Patricia C Kennedy
Patricia Cole
Patricia Jordan & Associates
Patricia Lynch Associates
Patrick A Shea
Patrick Garahan
Patrick Tucker
Patriotic Consulting Services
Patton Boggs
Patuxent Consulting
Paul Hastings (Formerly Paul Hastings Janofsky & Walker )
Paul Marcone & Associates
Paul Smith (Dba As Policy Cons Services
Paul Suplizio Associates
Paul Sweet Dba Nps
Paul Unger
Paul Weiss Rifkind Wharton & Garrison
Paula Timmons
Pauley Management
Paull Ira
Paw & Associates
Payne Shea & Associates
Pcc Consulting Dba Powers & Company
Pct Government Relations
Pd Frazer Consulting
Pearson & Pipkin
Peck Madigan Jones & Stewart
Peckarsky Lee
Peduzzi Associates
Pena Emil
Pendulum Strategies
Penn Hill
Penney Bradford
Perennial Strategy
Peritus Public Relations
Perkins & Associates
Perkins Coie
Perkins Smith Cohen & Crowe
Peter Barash
Peter Dickinson
Peter Kinzler
Peter Loughlin
Peter Mirijanian Public Affairs
Petrizzo Bond
Peyser Associates Inc (Dc)
Phb Public Affairs
Phelps Dunbar
Philip Maggi
Philip W Johnston Associates
Phillips Martha H
Phoenix Strategies
Pickard & Djinis
Pickering & Associates
Pieper Michael J
Pier Strategies
Pierce Atwood
Pierson Semmes & Bemis
Pike Associates
Piliero Mazza & Pargament
Pillsbury Madison & Sutro
Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman
Pizer & Company
Pkdorn & Associates
Plaster & Associates
Platinum Advisors
Poblete Tamargo
Polaris Government Relations
Polaris Hutton
Policy & Advocacy Assoc
Policy & Taxation
Policy Advantage
Policy Communicatons
Policy Development
Policy Directions
Policy Impact Communications
Policy Matters (Formerly Known As Tkb Consulting )
Policy Navigation
Policy Solutions Motley Scher Truitt
Polispace James A M Muncy
Polity Consulting
Polk Consulting
Polsinelli Shughart Pc
Porter Novelli
Porter Wright Morris & Arthur
Porterfield & Lowenthal
Potomac Capitol Associates
Potomac Communications
Potomac Counsel
Potomac Currents
Potomac Hudson
Potomac Partners Dc
Potomac Research
Potomac Resources
Potomac Strategic Development Company
Potomac Strategic Partners
Potomac Strategies & Analysis
Powell Goldstein
Powell Tate
Powers Global Strategies
Powers Pyles Sutter & Verville Pc
Poyner Spruill
Pr Strategies International
Practical Politics Research
Preis & Roy Aplc
Preston Assoc S Ralph
Prewitt Pa
Price Howlett
Prime Policy
Prince Global Solutions
Princeton Public Affairs
Principled Strategies
Prins Curtis A
Prism Public Affairs
Probst Sydney
Process Handler Et Al For Hire
Proefrock C Kenneth
Progressive Pacific Partnerships
Promontory Financial (Formerly Promontory Financial )
Proskauer Rose
Provident Strategies
Public Affairs Resources
Public Affairs Venture
Public Policy
Public Policy Partners
Public Policy Research
Public Policy Resources
Public Private Partnership
Public Private Strategies (Formerly Public Private Strategies Consult Inc)
Public Strategies
Public Strategies Washington
Pugliese Associates
Pyle Consulting


Qorvis Communications
Quadripoint Strategies
Quayle & Assoc
Quinn Gillespie & Associates
Quinn Thomas Public Affairs
Quorum Strategies


R & J
R & R Partners
R B Murphy & Associates
R J Hudson Associates (Dba Pace Government Services
Raffaniello & Associates
Randall Erben
Randolph E Cloud & Associates
Rappaport Marvin S
Raptor Strategies
Rasky Baerlein Strategic Communications
Ray & Co Bruce
Ray Chambers
Ray Richard B
Rc Willis & Associates
Reconnecting America
Red Line Assoc
Red Maple Consulting
Redfern Resources
Redline Assoc
Reed Smith
Reffe Paige E
Reinecke Strategic Solutions
Renberg Strategies
Reno & Cavanaugh
Res Publica
Results Cubed
Rg Flippo & Associates
Rh Strategies
Rhone Strategies
Ricchetti Incorporated
Rich Feuer
Richard Bliss
Richard Brocchi
Richard F Hohlt
Richard H Lehman
Richard Innes
Richard J Leidl Pc
Richard L Collins & Company
Richard L Spees
Richard Miller
Richard N Little
Richard Thaxton
Richard White
Richmond Larry J
Rick Carne Consulting (Dba Sgi )
Rick Maldonado & Associates
Rick Swartz & Associates
Rider Bennett
Ridge Policy
Riggs Government Relations Consulting
Right Public Affairs
Right Size Law
Ringley Policy
Rini Coran Pc
Ritter & Bourjaily
Rivergroup Incorporated
Rjc & Assoc
Rji Government Strategies
Rkb Consulting
Rm2 Consultants
Robert A Rapoza Associates
Robert Babbage
Robert Betz Associates
Robert Branand International
Robert D Sneed
Robert E Juliano Associates
Robert Garcia Associates
Robert H Lamb Pllc
Robert Hayes
Robert K Weidner
Robert Kalik
Robert Kappelmann
Robert L Redding Jr
Robert Maxwell & Associates
Robert N Pyle & Associates
Robert Seraphin
Robert Talley
Robert Wendell Moore
Robert Zimmer
Roberti Associates
Roberti Associates Global Formerly Known As Var Ii
Roberti White
Roberts Law Firm Plc
Robin Tallon & Associates
Robins Kaplan Miller & Ciresi
Robinson Reidy & Co
Robinson Walker
Robison International
Rock & Assoc
Rock West Capital
Rockwell Collins
Rocky Mountain Capitol Consulting
Rocky Mountain Government Relations
Rodino Peter W Iii
Rodriguez Odonnell Fuerst Gonzalez & Williams
Roetzel & Andress Lpa
Roger Blacklow
Roger C Fairchild
Rogers & Wells
Roman Buhler & Associates
Romano & Associates
Ron Klink & Associates
Ron Mcmurray
Ron Reeves & Associates
Ronald Sykes
Rooney Fred B
Rooney Intl
Ropes & Gray
Roq Strategies
Roscommon International
Rose & Hefner Consulting Co
Rose Communications
Rose Peter J
Ross Garelick Bell
Ross Robinson & Assoc
Roth Law Offices Of Alan J
Rothary Landis
Rothleder Associates
Rotterman & Assoc
Roy Ramthun
Roy Van Arsdall
Royer & Brooks
Rph & Assoc
Rr & G
Rsh Consulting
Rtk Consulting (Formerly Known As Tanya Rahall)
Rubicon Advisors
Rubin Meyer
Ruddy Robert E
Ruder Finn
Ruder Ware
Runyan Public Affairs
Rural Technologies Strategies
Russ Klenet & Associates
Russ Reid
Russell Mueller
Russell Paul
Ruth Smith
Rutherford & Assoc Jt
Rutten Timothy M
Rwe North Ameria
Ryan Mackinnon Vasapoli & Berzok Fka Ryan Phillips Utrecht & Mackinnon
Ryberg & Smith


S & J Government Consulting Services
S Steven Karalekas
Sabbath Government Relations
Sabiston Consultants
Sabo Government Relations
Sackler Policy Services
Sacramento Potomac Consulting
Sagac Public Affairs
Sage Communications
Salem Law Pa
Salt River Consultants
Saltzman Joel
Samuel Wright
Samuels International Associates
Samuels Marc B
Sanders Intl
Sandler & Travis Trade Advisory Services
Sandler Travis & Rosenberg Pa
Sarah Howard
Sascha Burns
Saul Ewing
Sayer & Assoc R Wayne
Sayre Consulting
Sb Strategic Consulting
Sc Partners
Schagrin Associates
Scherder & Associates [Formerly The Willard ]
Scheunemann & Associates
Schiff Hardin
Schiffbauer William G
Schmeltzer Aptaker & Shepard Pc
Schmitz Global Partners (Formerly Known As Gray & Schmitz )
Schnader Harrison Segal & Lewis
Schneier & Associates Abraham
Schramm Williams & Assoc
Schrayer & Assoc
Schulte Roth & Zabel
Schumacher Partners International
Schwartz & Ballen
Schwartz Communications
Schwartz Mark
Science & Policy Strategies
Sconset Strategies
Scott H Green & Associates
Scott Spear & Co
Scribner Hall & Thompson
Sda Global
Seale C Stevens
Sederholm Public Affairs
Segundo Mercado Llorens
Sellers Feinberg & Assoc
Sellery Associates
Seneca Global Advisors
Sense Incorporated
Senter & Assoc David
Sergeant Major Associates
Sernovitz Andrew L
Service House
Seward & Kissel
Seward Square
Seyfarth Shaw
Shackelford Co
Shannon Lahey
Sharp & Barnes Lp
Sharp Consulting
Shaw Bransford & Roth Pc (Formerly Shaw Bransford Veilleux & Roth Pc)
Shaw Daniel F
Shawn Coulson Law Firm
Shea & Gardner
Shearman & Sterling
Sheffield Brothers
Shefsky & Froelich
Sheila Hixson
Shellabarger Dan G
Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton
Sher & Blackwell
Sheridan Energy & Environmental Consulting
Shey Jane
Shipp & Associates
Shl & Associates
Shockey Scofield Solutions
Shook Hardy & Bacon
Shoultz David
Shutler & Low
Sibley David
Sidley Austin
Siff & Associates Pllc
Siff & Lake
Sigal Assoc Jill
Silverberg Goldman & Bikoff
Simon & Company
Simon Strategies
Simpson & Assoc Bill
Sims & Assoc Stephen F
Sindt Robert
Singer Consulting
Sirh Peter
Sirote & Permutt Pc
Sisco Consulting
Sixkiller Consulting
Skadden Arps Slate Meagher & Flom
Skol & Assoc
Slade Gorton
Slagle Associates
Slr Budget & Legislative Consulting
Smc Consulting
Smith & Assoc Philip S
Smith & Boyette
Smith & Brown Yazzie
Smith Alling Lane
Smith C William
Smith Dawson & Andrews
Smith Hinaman & Associates
Smith Reeves & Yarborough Pllc
Smith Robert E
Smith Ruddock & Hayes
Smith Strong & Schlesinger
Snell & Wilmer
Snow Communications
Snr Denton
Sobba Public
Solarz Stephen J
Solomont Bailis Ventures
Solution Strategies
Solutions Consulting
Sommer Barnard Pc
Sonny Callahan & Associates
Sonoran Policy
Sonosky Chambers Sachse Endreson & Perry
Sorini Samet & Associates
Southeast Strategies
Southern Strategy
Sparber & Associates Inc
Sparklight Communications
Speaks Jeffrey
Spectrum Consulting
Spencer Roberts
Spiegel & Mcdiarmid
Squire Sanders (Us) (Fka Squire Sanders & Dempsey (Us) )
Squire Sanders Public Advocacy
Srg & Associates
Stan Ullman
Stanfield Tindal
Stanton & Assoc
Stanton Park
Stapleton & Associates
Stassen Stern & Erdahl Intl
State Affairs Co
Steelman Health Strategies
Steinberg & Associates
Stella Walker & Associates
Stephen Bassett
Stephen M Pinkos
Steptoe & Johnson
Sternhell (Hudson River Trading )
Steve Buyer
Steven Beckham
Steven Joncas
Steven K Berry
Steven T Kuykendall & Associates
Steven Wolfe Associates
Stevens & Lee
Steward Michael E
Stewart & Stewart
Stewart Partners
Stewart Strategies & Solutions
Stewart Timothy S
Stiefel & Jones Consulting
Stiles & Harbison
Stinson Morrison Hecker
Stirling Strategic Services
Stites & Harbison
Stmaxens & Company
Stokes Strategies
Stonebridge International
Storch & Brenner
Storm King Strategies
Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young
Strategic Advisors
Strategic Advocacy
Strategic Applications International
Strategic Congressional & Governmental Solutions
Strategic Consulting Na
Strategic Counsel
Strategic Energy Initiatives
Strategic Federal Affairs
Strategic Health Care
Strategic Health Solutions
Strategic Impact
Strategic Marketing Innovations
Strategic Partners
Strategic Public Affairs
Strategic Services
Strategies 360
Stricklin & Associates
Strom & Young
Strong Albert E
Stroz Friedberg
Stuntz Davis & Staffier Pc
Sturbitts Charlene A
Sullivan & Associates
Sullivan & Cromwell
Sullivan & Worcester
Sullivan Assoc (Ia)
Sullivan Assoc Francis J
Summit Ventures
Summit Ventures International
Sundquist (Formerly Known As Sundquist Anthony)
Sunrise Research
Susan Carr & Associates
Susan Carver
Susan Cassidy
Susan J White & Associates
Susan Platt
Susan Russ
Susan Stohr
Sutherland Asbill & Brennan
Suzanne Rohde
Suzie Brewster & Associates
Swanzey Eugene F
Swidler Berlin
Symms & Haddow
Symms Lehn & Assoc
Synergy Alliances
Synergy Partners
System Planning
Szd Government Advocates


Taft Stettinius & Hollister
Tagg George C
Taggart & Assoc
Talbert & Eitel Pllc
Target Management
Tarplin Downs & Young
Tarplin Strategies
Tassey & Associates
Tate Strategies
Tauzin Consultants
Taylor Connor Associates
Taylor Gravois Assoc
Tcap Partners
Tcors Capitol
Team Builders
Telecommunications Law S Pllc
Telemedia Policy
Temple Strategies
Templeton & Company
Terese Ghio
Terri S Lodge
Thacher Proffitt & Wood
Thad Huguley
The Abraham
The Accord
The Advance
The Advocacy
The Aegis
The Allbaugh Company
The Argus
The Armey
The Art Hamilton
The Artemis
The Ashworth
The Bagley
The Baptista
The Belew Law Firm
The Bennett Consulting
The Bloom
The Brewer (Formally Powers Brewer )
The Brightup
The Bristol
The C L A
The Campbell
The Capitol
The Capitol Alliance
The Carrie Meek
The Center For Regulatory Effectiveness
The Charles
The Cjr
The Clark Dba Vela Environmental
The Cmr
The Cohen
The Collective
The Collette
The Colwell
The Consilio
The Cormac
The Crane
The Cumberland
The Deh
The Diamond (Formerly Larry Schafer)
The Dlm
The Docanto
The Doerrer
The Duberstein
The Farley
The Federal
The Federal Affairs Office
The Feehery
The Fga
The Fiorentino
The Flournoy
The Fox
The Foxtail
The Franken
The Franklin Partnership
The Freimuth
The Friedlander
The Fritts
The Furman
The Gallagher
The Garrison
The Gibson
The Gilman
The Glover Park
The Gorlin
The Grimes
The Grossman
The H2
The Hamilton Consulting
The Harold Ford
The Harris Firm
The Hawthorn Lc
The Health Policy
The Higgins Company
The Hobbs
The Homeport
The Housman
The Ickes & Enright
The Ingram Dba The First
The Jones Company
The Joseph
The Kaizen Strategy
The Kate Moss Company
The Keelen
The Kitto Law Firm
The Korris
The Lande
The Laurin Baker
The Law Office Of Manuel Rivera Esq & Associates Pc
The Law Office Of Norman Levy
The Law Offices Of John R Brimsek Pc
The Laxalt
The Leonard
The Liberty Team
The Livingston
The Loeffler
The Lucas Law Firm Pllc
The Macon Edwards Company
The Madison
The Magnate
The Majority
The Mallard
The Margolin
The Mathis
The Mattingley
The Mckellar
The Mcmanus
The Meece
The Mike Waite Company
The Mita
The Mitchell Firm
The Mizeur
The Moffett
The Mondello
The Mount Vernon
The Moxie Mary Langowski
The Moyer
The Nickles
The Normandy
The Nussle
The O Team
The Ob C
The Oscar
The Outlaw
The Palumbo Company (Formerly Palumbo & Cerrell Inc)
The Paul Laxalt
The Pennsylvania Avenue
The Picard
The Pma
The Policy
The Policy Agency Formerly Anne Smith Caparso
The Potomac
The Potomac Alliance
The R Molen
The Raben
The Rhoads
The Rose Company
The Ross
The Roth
The Rouzer Company
The Russell
The Same Page
The Setter Lcc
The Seyer
The Sheridan
The Smith Free
The Smith Law Firm
The Spectrum
The Suffolk
The Susquehanna
The Symington
The Thorsen
The Tim Hugo
The Tipton
The Tomhave
The Trade Partnership
The Trailblazer
The Vectre
The Velasquez
The Victory
The Vivero
The Walter
The Washington
The Washington Capitol
The Washington Strategy
The Washington Tax
The Wedgemere
The Werner
The Wessel Incorporated
The Westerly
The Whitaker
The Wigglesworth Company (Teresa N Wigglesworth)
The William Miller
The Williams Law Firm
The Winston Terrell
The Winter
The Wrenwood
The Wsj Consulting
Thelen (Formerly Thelen Reid Brown Raysman & Steiner )
Theodore (Ted) Jones
Theodore Knappen
Theodore Kronmiller
Theodosiou Consultants
Thicksten Grimm Burgum
Third Coast Intl
Thomas Advisors
Thomas L Birch
Thomas Powers
Thomas Rh Glass
Thomas Sachson
Thomas Walters & Associates
Thompson & Co R
Thompson & Naughton
Thompson Advisory
Thompson Coburn
Thompson Elizabeth B
Thompson Hine
Thompson Ross Assoc
Thompson Smitch Consulting
Thomson Strategies
Thorn Run Partners
Thorsen French Advocacy
Three Bridges Advisors
Three Point Strategies
Thurman Gould
Tiber Creek
Tiber Creek Associates Of Capitol Hill
Tiber Creek Health Strategies
Tiboni Associates
Tim Mahoney
Tim Yehl
Timmons & Company
Timmons John W
Timothy Bell & Company
Timothy Moore
Timothy R Rupli & Associates
Tipps John M
Tkb Global Strategies
Tobin Assoc
Tod Hull
Tom Coleman Associates
Tom Luce Consulting
Tom Skancke
Tom Wolfe
Tomb & Associates
Tongour & Scott
Tonio Burgos & Associates
Tonio Burgos & Associates Of New Jersey
Tonkon Torp
Tosi Maritime Consultants
Townsend Public Affairs
Townsend Solheim
Trade Partnership Worldwide
Trammell & Company
Trammell & Sarvis
Transnatl Business Development
Trefoil Solutions
Tremont Public Advisors
Triad Strategies
Triangle Associates
Triangle2 Partners
Trilogy Advisors
Trm Consultants
Trout Raley Montano Witwer & Freeman Pc
Troutman Sanders
Troutman Sanders Public Affairs
Trueman Patrick A
Tucker Associates
Tucker Ellis & West
Tuggey Fernandez
Tuggey Rosenthal Pauerstein Sandoloski Agather
Tulou Christophe Associates
Turetsky David
Turner & Goss
Turner Government & Public Affairs
Turner Pollard Strategies
Tuttle Taylor & Heron
Tuvin Associates
Twenty First Century
Twinlogic Strategies


Ubl Health Solutions
Ulman Public Policy & Federal Relations
Umhofer Peter
Ungaretti & Harris
Upstream Consulting
Urban Swirski & Associates
Us Government Relations Intl
Us Strategies
Usry Consulting
Utrecht & Phillips Pllc


Valanzano & Associates
Valente & Associates
Valerie Morse White Consulting
Valis & Keelen
Valis Associates
Van Fleet & Assoc
Van Fleet Associates
Van Heuvelen Strategies
Van Hook & Assoc
Van Ness Feldman A
Van Scoyoc Associates
Van Scoyoc Kelly (Crown Consulting)
Vander Stoep J
Vanderbilt Consulting
Vanderbilt University
Vandor Strategies
Velasquez & Lausell
Velasquez Magana Lausell
Venable Insitutional Labor Advisors
Venn Strategies
Veritas Advisors
Vern Clark & Associates
Verner Liipfert Bernhard Mcpherson & Hand
Verrill & Dana
Versant Strategies (Formerly Known As Wolff Strategies )
Vickery Intl
Victor W Barfield
Victor X Cerda
Vierra Associates
Vikki Cooper & Associates
Vinson & Elkins
Vinyard & Assoc
Viohl & Associates
Virginia Ainslie
Virginia Boylan
Vision Americas
Vitello Consulting
Voljavec Patricia Jarvis
Vorys Sater Seymour & Pease
Vpr Associates


W Strategies
Wagenlander & Heisterkamp
Walden Associates
Walker Bryant Tipps & Malone
Walker Martin & Hatch
Walker Nolan
Wallace Assoc Don
Wallman Strategic Consulting
Walter Consulting
Wampler James Allen
Wanner Associates
Ward & Smith Pa
Washington Advocacy
Washington Advocates
Washington Alliance
Washington Aviation
Washington Communications
Washington Consulting Alliance
Washington Counsel
Washington Health Advocates
Washington Health Strategies
Washington Intl
Washington Liaison
Washington Linkage
Washington Matters
Washington Partners
Washington Policy & Analysis
Washington Policy Associates
Washington Premier Consulting
Washington Resource
Washington Resource Assoc
Washington Strategic Consulting
Washington Strategies
Washington Technology Strategies
Washington2 Advocates
Wasserman & Associates
Water Strategies
Waterman & Associates
Watershed Results
Watkins Ludlam Winter & Stennis
Watson & Co
Watson Mulhern
Wayne Allard Associates
Waypoint Advisors
Waypoint Consulting
Wb Driggers & Associates
Weber & Assoc Jack
Webster Chamberlain & Bean
Weil Gotshal & Manges
Weinstein Warren
Weissbrodt & Racin
Welch Edmund B
Welch Resources
Wellford Energy Advisors
Wennlund & Assoc
Wentworth Marchant
Western Skies Strategies
Westin Rinehart
Westner Associates
Wexler & Walker Public Policy Associates
Wgy & Associates
Whatman & Associates D B A Spp Government Relations
Wheat Government Relations
Whiddon Debra
Whitaker Strategies (Stephen B Whitaker Dba Whitaker Srategies Formerly Whitaker Strategies )
White & Case
White House Consulting Inc
White Thomas R
Whitmer & Worrall
Whitner Richard C
Whitten & Diamond
Whyte Hirschboeck Dudek Government Affairs
Wides Burton V
Widmeyer Communications
Wight Bill
Wildman Harrold Allen & Dixon
Wiley Rein
Wilkinson Barker & Knauer
Will & Carlson
William A Blakey & Associates
William Alexander
William B Newman Jr
William Ball
William Cunningham
William F Whitsitt
William Fulford
William Griffin
William Joseph
William Lipinski
William Lynn James
William M Cloherty
William P Blair Iii
William Spencer
William Zavarello
Williams & Assoc (Kenneth)
Williams & Connolly
Williams & Jensen Pllc
Williams James M Jr
Williams Janov & Cooney
Williams Kastner & Gibbs Pllc
Williams Mullen Strategies
Williamson Barry A
Willkie Farr & Gallagher
Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale & Dorr
Wilson & Assoc Russell J
Wilson & Wasserstein
Wilson Associates
Wilson Elser Moslowitz Edelman & Dicker
Wiltshire & Grannis (F K A Harris Wiltshire & Grannis )
Winborn Solutions
Windward Consulting
Winning Strategies Washington
Winstead Consulting
Winstead Pc
Winston & Strawn
Wise & Assoc
Wise Carter Child & Caraway
Witman Assoc
Witt F K A Global Options
Woh Government Solutions
Wolf Block Government Relations
Wolf Block Public Strategies
Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice
Woodberry Associates
Woosley & Associates
Wright & Talisman Pc
Wright Lindsey & Jennings
Wyman Consulting


Xavier Equihua
Xenophon Strategies


Yale Law Office Lpa
Yoss (Formerly Known As Adorno & Yoss )
Young & Jatlow
Younger & Assoc
Your Congress


Zack H Shelley Jr
Zane & Assoc
Zel E Lipsen Esquire
Zelden Consulting
Zeliff Enterprises
Zeliff Ireland & Assoc
Zell & Cox Law Pc
Ziebart Consulting
Ziontz Chestnut Varnell Berley & Slonim
Zuckerman Spaeder
Zuckert Scoutt & Rasenberger
Zvi Rafiah
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