LobbyData Features

Interactive Lobbying Reports

• Research All Federal Lobbying Activity

• Get the big picture and the minute details. Each report is customizable.

• Access the entire lobbying history for Lobbyists, Clients, Bills, Issues, Agencies, or Firms.

• Search for any mention of your issue throughout the entire disclosure database.

Interactive Report Features

Email Notifications of Lobbying Activity

• LobbyData acts as an Early Warning System that constantly monitors your issues.

• Multiple alerts for specific issue terms, clients, lobbyists, firms, and agencies.

• LobbyData Email Alerts are compatible with BlackBerry® and other smartphone email programs.

• Customizable Alert Schedules - get instant, daily, or weekly updates.

Email Alert Features

Mobile Access to Lobbying Research

• Access LobbyData on the go.

• Quickly retrieve a company's most recent activity and current lobbyist information.

• Access the most recent activity for Lobbyists, Clients, Bills, Issues, Agencies, or Firms.

Mobile Access Features

Mobile Access Features